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Dear Readers and Viewers:
       You are about to read and view an enlightening blog and video about Hospice Services. It was originally written and presented by writer Dia Osborn on her WordPress Blog Site, “The Odd and Unmentionable,” where she frequently writes about dying in an articulate and compassionate way.
       For most people, dying is a difficult subject to think about, talk about, to prepare for. But because it is inevitable, it behooves us all to do so. And that is where Dia Osborn, in her frequent blogs on dying, can help; with an experienced eye, she gives us an honest and intelligent look at dying as part of life. From years of study and providing care to hospice patients, she strongly believes Hospice Care paradoxically enhances quality of life while helping individuals and their families accept dying as a dignified, pain-free and spiritual experience.
       Dia has written so many profound, insightful articles about dying that it’s a challenge to choose her best, but the one you are about to see is, for me, her ultimate offering to date, featuring a video by her lovable and heroic 86-year old father-in-law Mon Pere (not his real name) who because of his long-time struggle with cancer is currently living at home under Hospice Care. His time with Hospice has been so rewarding that he decided to share his experience with it on YouTube (see video below). According to his family, he believes Hospice has prolonged and improved his quality of life; he further thinks that the earlier a patient enrolls in Hospice in the course of his or her illness, the greater the benefit.
       Learn, enjoy, and be inspired.


       “Mon Pere Speaks! Hospice in his own words.”(Orginally posted July 9, 2013 by Dia in Living and Dying. Tags: , , , , )

“I’ve written about my father-in-law’s surprising, tricky, and wonderful journey with prostate cancer and hospice in several posts now. (I’ll have links to them at the bottom for anyone interested.)

Well, Mon Pere’s experiences with hospice have been so good that he’s become quite the convert and unbeknownst to anyone in the family, he went off and did an interview with the Idaho Quality of Life Coalition in order to try and help alleviate some of the persistent confusion that exists around hospice care.  Afterwards, the video was posted on Youtube!  (Which is all kinds of ironic since Mon Pere doesn’t own, want, or even like computers very much. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what Youtube is.)

Anyway, my brother-in-law just stumbled across it by chance today and emailed the link to the rest of us.  I thought I’d put it up here, too, both to help Mon Pere with his awareness raising efforts as well as introduce him to you all in person.  (The interview is about six minutes long.)

He’s really trying to behave himself but his ribald sense of humor sneaks in towards the end with his little joke about dancing (the unabridged version suggests a more carnal activity.)  We’ve all heard the joke…and others like it…more times than I can count but he laughs like it’s the first time, every single time he tells it.  He’s such a character.

Without further ado I give you Mon Pere.

Click on Link: http://bit.ly/15JnKK4

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